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Andrei Eremin

Working behind the scenes with some of Australia’s most promising musical talents, 23 yearoldaudio mastermind Andrei Eremin has rapidly earned a reputation as one of the most trusted names in production, mixing, and mastering within the local music community. Ever since constructing primitive MIDI tunes on his dad’s copy of Cubase at the ripe old age of seven, Andrei has fostered an innate knowledge of audio production technology and an overwhelming respect for the art of sound engineering. Harnessing a natural affinity for audio production, Andrei began applying his skills behind the mixing desk of friends’ musical endeavours, going on to land mixing and/or mastering credits on releases by Chet Faker , Hiatus Kaiyote, Oscar Key Sung , Closure In Moscow , Banoffee , Japanese Wallpaper , and many more. While skill and versatility has made Andrei a sought after engineering talent, his personable approach keeps artists coming back time and time again. Rather than allow the technical side of music to become laborious, Andrei sees the process as an opportunity to hang out and figure out the artist’s goals, resulting in an environment that’s able to embrace and overcome artistic challenges that may arise. Andrei’s innate musical knowledge and passion is farreaching,
meaning he’s able to apply his talents to a broad spectrum of music – in terms of genre and scale of production. From laying down instrumentation, to mixing, to mastering for a variety of mediums, Andrei is adept at maximising the best possible outcome during each stage of the recording process. Keenly in tune with the welcome resurgence of vinyl in recent years, Andrei is one of the few engineers in the country adept at specialising in mastering specifically for the ever popular format. “Vinyl is a more complicated medium than most give it credit for,” he says. “People think if it’s on vinyl, it sounds better. That’s not necessarily true; it can sound better if you treat it properly beforehand” he states. “A good record is the difference between listening to music and experiencing music.”As well as producing, mixing and mastering, Andrei is a talented musician in his own right, releasing original electronic compositions under his own name, plus collaborative work with rising Melbourne musician Fractures . Andrei also possesses considerable remixing chops, putting his own spin on cuts from Rat & Co , Milwaukee Banks and Japanese Wallpaper . Andrei Eremin recently added the finishing touches to his anticipated debut EP Pale Blue which includes collaborations with Kučka , Fractures and Simon Lam (KLO I’lls).