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Kessler Syndrome is a projected scenario for the masses of space debris that float aimlessly in the Earth’s orbit. If these galactic scraps should collide, the result could trigger a domino effect, wherein the entire sky would become ablaze with all of humankind’s satellites cascading at hypervelocity, and each impact setting off ten more explosions in their wake. The theoretical magnitude of that Kessler Syndrome comes close to describing the moment when Angeline Armstrong met Jarrad Rogers – and her folk-heavy songwriting style collided with his electronic beats.

Angeline, fresh to the buzz of Los Angeles, tagged along to Jarrad’s 2016 family Christmas at the insistence of his wife. Two displaced Australians – over a decadent spread that was laden with pavlova and lamingtons, the desserts of their homeland – struck an immediate friendship, which turned just as quickly into a collaborative partnership. Two years later, as electropop outfit BEACHWOOD and with their debut track ‘miracle’, this duo are poised to take on the world.

You may know Jarrad better as MSTR Rogers. It’s the moniker under which he’s been writing, producing and performing pop and EDM bangers for the better part of two decades. Jarrad hails from Melbourne, Australia, but has long lived and made music in London and Los Angeles. His songwriting credits include working with pop royalty Charli XCX, Lana Del Ray, Demi Lovato, Icona Pop, and Lauryn Hill. As a producer, his sound is unmistakably cinematic, with depth and breadth that speaks to something universal. It’s about time he made the journey from behind the scenes and into the spotlight.

Angeline is a Filipina–Kiwi–Australian, whose music is influenced by her background in filmmaking. Like her work in that very visual medium, Angeline’s songwriting is meticulous, and it’s detailed. Her lyrics are wrapped in wordplay and couched in irony. She’s long written and performed haunting folk ballads, but in her new electropop stylings and collaboration with Jarrad, Angeline’s found a way to make people truly move.

In each other, Angeline and Jarrad have found one of those perfect sonic partnerships. Her haunting tone is made gooey and danceable when backlit by his beats.