Bell City Square

Melbourne-via-Darwin trio Bell City Square present their arresting debut single, Make Me Feel Nothing.
Forlorn synth opens this track before drum beats as precise as a steady heartbeat usher in Sam Weaver’s deeply personal lyrics, delivered meticulously with perfect diction. After explaining his band’s latest single is about anxiety, the singer/multi-instrumentalist adds, “The idea of it almost came from a ‘Truman Show’-esque situation where you feel like no matter what you do there’s a predetermined outcome.”
Weaver’s matter-of-fact delivery during verses makes the perfect foil for the heart-bleeding vulnerability of Make Me Feel Nothing’s chorus; his vocal range and emotional investment throughout the song’s duration equally impressive. Then what sounds like a clothes dryer accelerating on spin cycle propels the listener through the crowd, at breakneck speed, towards the dancefloor. Enter piano stabs to signal the breakdown, giving us a chance to catch our collective breath before one last beseeching chorus plea: “I need something to make me feel nothing!”
Of working with producer Oscar Dawson on the single, Weaver extols, “Our guitarist Jack [Weaver, Sam’s brother] loved working with him because he’s just such a great guitarist and, in our opinion, he’s not only one of the best guitarists out right now, but he’s also got the best ear for pulling a rock band — and songwriting in general — together.”
Make Me Feel Nothing sees Bell City Square cleverly incorporating electronic elements and often it’s the spaces between instrumental flourishes that add lustre to the arrangement. “I love house music and more minimal electronic music,” Weaver reveals. “And with that kind of music every element just fades in and does its part — adds to the rhythm or something — then drops out.” Weaver attributes Bell City Square’s “amazing synth parts” to their drummer Alex Bornos, describing him as “the classically trained, jazz freak of the band”.
Bell City Square capture the essence of disenfranchised youth on Make Me Feel Nothing: aching for success and recognition, but struggling to hold it together day by day.
Make Me Feel Nothing will definitely make you feel something while dancing triumphantly.