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Recorded in one three-hour session last December, BOAT SHOW’s debut album ‘GROUNDBREAKING MASTERPIECE’ hit the airwaves less than six months after the band formed and cemented the fierce and fun reputation their live show was already building them.

Containing songs mostly about being women, and the pros and cons they must deal with in the music industry, “Groundbreaking Masterpiece” articulates their personal frustrations in their signature brutal and humorous style.

Premiered on LISTEN with an accompanying interview, in no time at all the album received 4.5/5 stars from The West Australian and RTRFM Local Feature Album. Tracks “Cis White Boy”, “Staying Alive” and “Suss” all received airplay on triple j with “Staying Alive” and “Cis White Boy” both receiving triple j unearthed rotation and the latter also hitting the AMRAP Community Radio Metro Charts.

Receiving more likes than a cat with laser beams, the band soon found themselves being asked to drink the riders of Cate le Bon, Cameron Avery, Gooch Palms, Pond, San Cisco and Alex Lahey and joined Perth royalty Jebediah and Gyroscope at the inaugural City Limits festival.

During August and September of 2017, BOAT SHOW toured nationally to promote their first single from their sophomore album The Big Smoke, including showcases at BIGSOUND. The album was recorded in Melbourne earlier in the year by Dean Tuza and is set to be released early next year.

Boat Show have penned an anthem for 2017. It’s the perfect ‘fuck you!’ to the pussy -grabbers amongst us. – Caitlin Nienaber, RTRFM

As I was listening I purchased a white embroidered cap that reads “WOMEN IN MUSIC ARE DANGEROUSLY UNDERESTIMATED”. – Bridget Hustwaite, triple j

Crushing the patriarchy, one riff at a time – Gen Fricker

From the silly, self-deprecating title to the cunnilingus-focused cover illustration by Hannah Atcheson, Groundbreaking Masterpiece wants to be outrageous and irreverent. And it is. But it’s also smart, arresting and important. It’s impassioned and wild enough to impress the most jaded punks, catchy enough to reel in the average punter, sociologically savvy yet good-humoured in a way that will win over skeptics of music with an “agenda.” – Lyndon Blue, Cool Perth Nights

I hope your parents are proud because you’re all sick af. – Dave Ruby Howe, triple j