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Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose is an Australian artist with conviction. If there ever was a testament to her growth from talented local artist to bold, statement-making and self-assured creative, her first full-length album Intra is it. Proving that earnest ethics and multi-faceted talent have a home in her fiercely independent brand of future pop, Elizabeth Rose is flourishing as a distinct female voice. Now — with the release of her debut album, she’s defined her sonic direction and is set to elevate. Get on her level.

Having won countless awards and seeing her self-titled EP shoot to #1 on iTunes Electronic Charts in Australia, the eclectic and RNB-leaning electronic artist (whose live shows incorporate professional dancing, vivid costumes and joyful audio visuals) has already won hearts on radio stations and stages in Europe, the US and at home. But for her full-length album, Elizabeth Rose set out to ascend both musically and personally and to do so, she cast her gaze inward – exploring an internal world of emotional fragility, artistic strength and devotion to social equality. If her self-titled EP revealed an intelligent, fashionable and eclectic new songstress, Intra captures a vital and confident musical statement of self.

Calling on featured artists like Chrome Sparks (in the futuristic and soaring ‘Another Earth’), Seekae’s George Nicholas (in the absorbing ‘Close’) and M-Phazes (via ‘Shoulda Coulda Woulda’ which poses the album’s perennial question “Does it hurt you to grow?” and the glitch-filled rallying cry of ‘One Shot’) to name a few, Elizabeth Rose has merged an electronic landscape covered in rich, layered sound with depth-yielding beats that swell, drop and expand like sea levels against her lofty vocals — fluttering and powerful in equal measures.

And as she propelled her music forward, so too her subject matter. As she puts it, “There are 12 songs on the album and I wanted to push myself with each one, with what I would write about, topic-wise — marriage equality, wars and gun violence, anxiety with social media. And then there’s song about intimate relationships and trust.”

Mixed by legendary Grammy Award-winning US producer Jimmy Douglas (Jay Z, Missy Elliot and John Legend among others) and mastered by John Davis at Metropolis London (FKA Twigs, Lana Del Ray and Bat For Lashes) the album sounds and feels like music should. Like a journey. As with strong pop figures like Bjork or Robyn before her, Elizabeth Rose’s work is visceral, urgent and inherently infectious. “It’s me, exploring what I think and believe…Finally, I feel like I can make big statements.”

While songs like ‘Shoulda Coulda Woulda’ (also co-written and produced in collaboration with M-Phazes and revealing the defining direction of Intra, sonically) portray the singer’s journey from reflection to motivation, album closer ‘Steel Hearts’ disarms the listener with a cinematic and ethereal synth ballad and ‘Playing With Fire’ (featuring Remi) shows Rose at her sassiest in an explosive exploration of empowerment and strength that can only come from within. Elsewhere, the bold ‘Division’ is a profound call to arms to make positive change in the world. “Intra felt like the right title to cover all bases in terms of my self-reflection. I’d never written about political issues before this,” she says, although she seems born to do it.

At once revealing, personal and filled with emotional strength, Intra is both a testament to the evolution of an adept talent and the dawn of a new future — in which lush beats, sincere dialogue and veritably contagious melodies reign. And Elizabeth Rose is the star. After seven singles and two EPs, the producer has grown a sound that’s wholly hers and now, blossoming, she’s emerged a world-class artist.