Live Act

High Tension

High Tension have returned with a powerful new single titled Ghost To Ghost, the first bite of new music from the Melbourne based heavy quartet since their 2015 breakthrough album, Bully.

Following the release of Bully new members, Mike Deslandes & Lauren Hammel brought new discussions and direction. Exploring numerous avenues, under the guise of heavy music, the dynamic took a turn from the band of old. A hybrid tuning seemed to reveal something new, this voice lent to writing Ghost To Ghost and has become the band’s new blueprint.

The lyrical punch in Ghost To Ghost exhibits both fury and patience, and is an exploration of vocalist Karina Utomo’s own historical trauma and truth coming to the surface. Utomo describes the movement:

“Last year I connected with other Indonesians whose families were implicated in the anti-communist purge, even at present, systemic silencing has stopped people from sharing their stories and spreading truth surrounding that era, they described their daily story telling as “dari hantu ke hantu” or “from ghost to ghost” and I felt like this was what I have been trying to attempt for the past decade.”

The track was produced, engineered and mixed by High Tension guitarist Mike Deslandes. Ghost To Ghost is accompanied by a new video, directed by High Tension bassist, Matt Weston.