Hobsons Bay Coast Guard

Four psych-surf wannabe’s trying to stay aloft on the tidal wave that is the Melbourne music scene. Infectious pop hooks and eclectic song styles swimming under frantically squealing tape-warped production – all of it bubbling away in a cauldron of sea-salt stew that’ll have you licking the ladle when its done.

Hobson’s Bay Coast Guard have a divine mission to push as many catchy ideas, zany concepts and unheard of song structures as they can. A mission to throw the listener into a wipeout rip not knowing where the song is ending or starting. Maybe you’ve been under water too long? Maybe this is the end?

Never fear! HBCG vow to be your colourful submarine pulling you through future nostalgic pop fantasies and infinite mosh pit worm holes.

Their Debut album will be released late 2018 along with what has been counted as over 4 albums worth of demos ready to go.