Live Act

Mid Ayr

In a bohemian studio basement under one of the member’s home was where Mid Ayr’s chemistry really came together. Started in 2014 as a creative outlet for front man Hugh Middleton while on the tail end of being a guitarist with The Trouble with Templeton, he began crafting songs as a way to recover from love, longing and loss. After the breakout success of ‘My Mayhem’ amassing over a million listens, it was only natural for a band to step behind Hugh to add the intricate layers needed to complement his emotive and poignant songwriting.

As Mid Ayr, Hugh Middleton (Guitar/Vocals), Zac Moynihan (Drums) and Alex L’Estrange (Bass/Production), have carved out a reputation for filling the void between acoustic and electric, restraint and release, sensitive and strong.

Their second single ‘Letting You In’ continued to surprise and captivate listeners. Grabbing full rotation on Triple J, programmer Richard Kingsmill thinks the song “nails the restrained power that Radiohead largely built their career on.” The song showed a different side of Mid Ayr, moving from the dreamy lightness that was ‘My Mayhem’ into an anthemic realization of a sound that is both brooding and gritty – and it seems to be striking a nerve.

“The front man of Mid Ayr, Middleton’s presence as a vocalist is otherworldly” – West End Magazine

“It goes without saying that the members of the band are of great calibre and have the potential to produce stunning works of art.” – 4ZZZ

“Intense and emotionally charged live show” – Live Wire Sydney Guide