Molly Millington

Imagine this..
What happens if you grow up with no screen time? No devices, not even tv and you’re
just left to your own imagination. Now imagine at a young age, your parents take you to
your first music festival and your brain explodes with possibilities. Then imagine those
possibilities are harnessed and you come back to that same festival years later with a slew
of songs and you just happen to win a recording session with a Grammy award winning
Imagine no more. And say hello to Molly Millington.
At 19, she is an artist with an obsession – the song. Dragging around notebooks full of
lyrics, playing till her fingers bled, last year was spent either busking kerbside, or
recording between two studios, reworking classically structured songs into a modern
space with producer and wunderkind Xavier Dunn (Graaace, Jack River). At the same time
she has been winning the attention and affection of industry folk and other musicians
around the country.
Come join her, there’s nothing to be afraid of.