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Jamie Timony is what some people call a Renaissance man. A songwriter since 16, Timony fell in love with music from an early age before going on to act in critically acclaimed stage plays, in feature films alongside the likes of Geoffrey Rush and Willem Dafoe, and expressing himself with visual art. Now under the name MOSSY, he’s adding music to the impressive career he’s built as a multi-talented artist. “Playing music just makes everything feel good. It’s a spiritual practice. It makes me feel closer to everything. Like I’m in the right place,” he says.

MOSSY recorded his forthcoming EP  while sleeping on blowup mattresses in a basement studio on New York’s Lower East Side. Produced by Dean Tuza with additional production from David Kahne (The Strokes, Paul McCartney), MOSSY also got a helping hand from engineer to Beyonce and Jay Z, Stuart White. “He was in the studio next door to us and we became friends. He’d pop into the studio to find out what we’re up to and he was enjoying what we were doing,” MOSSY says.

Having polished the results of those New York sessions, MOSSY is releasing his debut self-titled EP with the lead single ‘Electric Chair’. Blending psychedelic haze with crackling drum machines, ‘Electric Chair’ swaggers with big synth and guitar hooks and a stomping beat. Elsewhere on the EP, MOSSY drops mesmerising and laid-back jams from the acid house beat of ‘Shipping Yard’ to the woozy, love song dedication of ‘Waterfall’ with its blazing 70s rock riffs. Split down the middle with tingling jazz skronk of instrumental interlude ‘Spa’, it all culminates with ‘Ginsberg’, in which MOSSY’s heartfelt crooning cuts through the noise and goes straight for the soul.

A lover of the pop songwriting of The Beatles and poignant lyricism of Leonard Cohen as much as the noisy theatrics of The Horrors and Deerhunter, MOSSY seamlessly weaves his eclectic tastes into a record as catchy as it is intricate. Now signed to I OH YOU, MOSSY is finally ready to bring those production talents to the world.