An explosion of pastel pink bubblegum, Muki’s sound is the sonic version of a bath in cream soda pop, while cotton candy bubbles detonate in your face. Growing up in the suburbs of Sydney with a Blues Musician father and psychologist mother, Muki definitely has a unique insight to the world around her and invites all who listen into her peculiar universe. Her influences range from the catchy tunes of The Spice Girls, to the soulful harmonies of Whitney Huston, but also include K.Pop, A.G Cook, Grimes and SOPHIE.

Her debut track Sassaparilla has caused heads to turn, Debuting at #3 on the USA viral charts and landing her supports with Riff Raff and a deal with Select music. Over the last month she has been in the studio with with Wave Racer, Cosmos Midnight and Ganz. With a debut E.P on its way you will be hearing and seeing a lot more from this Feisty newcomer.