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nyck (pronounced n.y.c.k) is a music project by Melbourne musicians, Nick Acquroff and Dominique Garrard. It’s a project that strips away all of the noise and clutter and focuses on the fundamentals. One that is honest and raw in its portrayal of the monotonous and the every day. They write their songs in the St.Kilda home of Acquroff, telling stories that bring the sweetness and sadness and loneliness of suburban Melbourne to life. What is, perhaps, most idiosyncratic about nyck, is the way that is so naturally blends a feeling of heartbreak and despair, with music that makes you feel present, illuminated, and free.


The first record from the duo, Decision, was produced by Benjamin McCarthy, who has, in recent times, been credited with the production on releases from Gordi, Kate Miller-Hiedke, and Alex the Astronaut. It was recorded at Sing Sing Studios, in Richmond.


During the pre release period, it was shared by both Triple J and Triple J Unearthed through social media, picking up more than 2000 likes, 400 comments, and 300 shares. The nyck social media pages were flooded with support, too, gaining more than 2400 followers across Facebook and Instagram.


“One of those memorable debuts. Like Amos Roberts for the Dragons in 2000.”

– [Four Stars] Lachie Macara, Triple J


“I just keep listening to this over and over. You make the mundane sound marvellous.”

– [Four Stars] Max Quinn, Triple J


“Oh yeah, this is a heartbreaker.”

– [Four Stars] Dom Alessio, Triple J


“This is great – strip it back to nothing but its bare bones and let the raw emotion flow.”

– [Four Stars] Nick Findlay, Triple J