Live Act

Philadelphia Grand Jury

When Dan W. Sweat, MC Bad Genius and Simon “Berkfinger” Berckelman started Philadelphia Grand Jury above a garage in Sydney, Australia, it was simply an expression of a common love of early British and American punk mixed with whatever they’d been listening to during the car ride there.  Once they had written enough songs in their makeshift studio, they started touring with an explosive (sometimes literally) live show all around the country, developing a cult following in every city and town they visited.  The jump to mainstream acceptance was off the back of their uncanny knack of crafting classic pop songs under the guise of punk rock.

A string of impossibly catchy singles became radio staples and when their much-loved debut album “Hope Is For Hopers” came out, they packed up everything and moved to London, playing festivals and club shows around the UK, Europe, Africa and the USA.  Dan W. Sweat’s moonlighting for Art Vs Science became too much and a slew of incredibly talented (but slightly strange) drummers followed before a sudden and unexpected announcement of the band’s demise reached the ears of heartbroken fans across the world.

But we don’t talk about that anymore.

A few years later once everyone was a little bit older and a little bit wiser, tentative moves were made towards a reunion and after it became apparent that being in a band together was their unalterable fate, Philadelphia Grand Jury was reborn.  A number of well-received tours lead to the recording of 2015’s “Summer Of Doom” which garnered 4 and 5 star reviews and buoyant sing-alongs across the country.

With a bunch of even newer tracks ready to go, Philadelphia Grand Jury are about to embark on a very special national tour with a difference … all will be revealed soon!