Live Act

Stuck Out

After putting in the hard work over the past two years, supporting bands such as Moose Blood, Real Friends, and The Getaway Plan, Melbourne’s Stuck Out are stepping into the spotlight, signing to Greyscale Records, and releasing their EP You Won’t Come Home.


“‘You Won’t Come Home’ was a chance for us to experiment with how we wanted our sound to progress. It gave us the opportunity to push ourselves through our music.” Explains vocalist Joshua Walker “It’s a clear indication of where we are and where we want to go as a band. This EP is a huge step forward for us and we have every intention of pushing ourselves even further with every new release we put out.”


The band received critical praise for the EP, Depth Magazine called it a “precious snapshot of emotional vulnerability”, while Hysteria Mag said “Backed by thick production, gruff vocals and warm guitar tones, with a bit of dirt on them to keep things from sounding too clean, the sound provides the perfect aesthetic for the EP”


The band has a clear vision for the future, with a simple message for those who have supported them alone the way. “We appreciate everyone who’s been a part of our journey and hope that everyone will come along for whatever happens next.”