Live Act

Vincent Sole

Vincent Sole’s story has been one of baby steps. Emerging through triple j’s Unearthed High talent pool two years, Vincent took a calculated approach to 2016. He knuckled down, honed his song craft and only released one song, but it signaled a huge leap forward. Produced by Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Ta-ku), ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ united Vincent’s twin loves of dancefloor-ready pop music with lush, percussive soundscapes. triple j got behind the track, giving it numerous spins, and the story continued to grow.

Now in 2017, the 19-year-old Melbournian is poised to strike. His latest effort illustrates yet another stage in his musical development. ‘The Game’ is a slow-burner, unfolding over several minutes of synths that smolder and soar in equal measure. This is not a song about the beats, but the spaces in between. It’s this room created by Malcolm Besley (Northeast Party House, City Calm Down) that gives Vincent the perfect platform to showcase his boldest vocal performance.

Earmarked by Pilerats as one of their 17 acts to watch in 2017, ‘The Game’ is just the next step for Vincent Sole. Expect more music and his debut live shows to follow.