There’s no rest for the wicked and all girl, no bullshit Punk quartet VOIID haven’t seen a wink this past year. With what started as a mutual passion of all that is female and screaming profanity lead to the four- piece of hellish girl-shriek that they now call VOIID.Taking the scene by storm since releasing their debut ‘Pussy Orientated’ EP back in 2016 and now proving they haven’t lost their touch with the release of their sophomore EP, “DROOL.”

Joining forces to annoy the f**k out of the neighbours with their very own twist on the thrashed garage punk genre, the girls have spent years mastering the sound of their signature fuzzy guitar layers and rhythmically catchy basslines, held together of course by front woman Anji’s unique vocals, providing a powerful voice for those in need in their unforgiving fashion; tackling topics of sexism, objectification and staying true to one’s self.

VOIID promise music guaranteed to make your face melt and your boyfriend cry putting on high energy performances stealing the show from the likes of, Grinspoon, Skegss, Amyl and the Sniffers, Camp Cope, Tired Lion, Drunk Mums, as well as an array of festivals such as The Blurst Of Times, Beach Sounds, Best Night Ever, Hey Sunshine, Gizz Fest and Grooving The Moo. However despite the bands successful past VOIID only have eyes for what’s to come