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Lime Cordiale

They say there’s an innate bond between siblings, a relationship is forged that can last a lifetime. Now, take that intuitive understanding and translate it into music; magic can happen. Such is the case for brothers Louis and Oli Leimbach, better known as Lime Cordiale. Today, they are just months from releasing their long-awaited debut album, “Permanent Vacation”. But their relationship, connection through music and planet earth, stretches much farther back.


Growing up within a creative, musical family on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it was natural for the pair to make music together. “Not everyone is born from the genitals of parents that want you to have a life in the arts” says Oli.


Lime Cordiale have played in the US at SXSW and CMJ, plus countless sold out shows and tours across Australia, supporting the likes of Sticky Fingers, Ball Park Music, The Rubens and most recently Bootleg Rascal. Though they haven’t forgot how it all began, Oli tells “many of our shows just feel like parties with our mates” and that theme has been ever-present as the band has developed over the years. Keeping the grass roots vibes strong, the band keep a strong dialogue with their audience on social media, “we seek advice, a bed, a hang out… all sorts of things” Oli continued.


The boys note that most Australian’s (including themselves) aren’t afraid to say what they feel, and touching on their time in the States, they recalled a moment where they were kicked off the US University Circuit, Oli reflects “we got in trouble for singing ‘Bullshit Aside’ – I don’t know what the big deal is. Especially when Christian radio stations breathe bullshit full-time”.


Lime Cordiale express their feelings that people need to break the rules in order to progress, with Oli stating “you don’t have to take the conservative route. You don’t need to necessarily plan out your life in your twenties or thirties” and with the band living in a dilapidated house in Sydney’s Inner-West, they’re focussed on their love of music and keeping Sydney’s music scene alive with the support of their surrounding communities and the Australian community as a whole.


It’s no surprise that the pair are passionate, and overly sensitive to the effect humans have on Australia’s environment after being raised on an island home and in coastal areas while growing up. The band’s vegetarian lifestyle and plastic free rider may not be to everyone’s tastes, but their response is simply – “fuck ‘em”.


Themes of conservation and sustainability are ever-present in Lime Cordiale’s music, and “Permanent Vacation” explores these issues. It’s quite a social album overall, and in addition to this, there are songs of personal anxieties and hard hitting relationships over the past few years and the usually introverted Louis best expresses himself through song to explain these experiences, ‘I only love you when you’re leaving’ a lyric from their single “Temper Temper” might best describe their love experiences of late.


It’s not all doom and gloom with the Sydney based siblings, as they still manage to have a laugh at society and themselves, Louis explains “When we’re writing together, we end up almost taking the piss. That’s what we do together every day and so it ends up coming out in our songs” and you can hear it throughout the album on “Naturally”, “What Is Growing Up”, “Risky Love” and “Up In the Air”.


Keeping things positive, the band admit the lovely ladies of Sydney grab their attention, but being on the road and constantly driving between cities on tour, the band have discovered the beauty of the great Australian landscape. Oli explains “It feels as though Australian’s are often looking overseas for inspiration but we really don’t have to look too far”. The pair recently returned from a drought relief event in Far North Queensland, with Oli noting “it was so isolated, so dry and so prehistoric. But just incredibly breathtaking”.


Being blessed with beautiful surroundings and fellow Northern Beaches bands the likes of Ocean Alley, Winston Surfshirt and The Ruminaters, the band are not short of influences. Initially being drawn in by strong melodies and really strong grooves, both Oli and Louis enjoy delving a little deeper into “what’s behind a song and an artist, that really lets you explore the full experience”. Artist’s the likes of Rodriguez and Charles Bradley resonate with the Sydney-siders as “they’ve been struggling their whole life but never gave up on music” and though Lime Cordiale are not struggling in the same ways, the message holds true.


In addition to the hectic schedule and life-band balance, Louis is an avid artist holding regular showcases, but notes that whether he is cutting lino or painting, this side of his life is kept secluded, “Lino cutting is a very time consuming art form, requires a lot of attention and I find myself doing it alone” says Louis. His art form though does cross over to band-life, with Louis designing all album art, posters and merchandise and states that the creative process can take time to think up ideas and sometimes his work can get so out of control he has to go into hiding, but he calls it “meditative and an escape” and likes the process itself over the end result.


When they aren’t busy playing shows, cutting footage for films or designing some form of artwork, Oli and Louis return to their roots, the ocean. Though they love being close to the CBD, sometimes the inner-city pressure means they need to get back to the freedom that the ocean can give, Oli tells “you can be working in the dirt and grind of the city just behind you, but out there on the waves the world is yours”.


Lime Cordiale plan to tour throughout the rest of the year, hoping to play all around Australia, and ultimately getting back out overseas – and the world is theirs.