Ruby Fields

“You’ve got to meet this girl. She’s going to be really quite something.” – Project U

“It’s not often you hear an artist deliver their first ever release with so much confidence, attitude and power but Ruby Fields comes out with all katanas blazing.” – Dom Alessio

“Average chick maybe, but great song for sure.” – Richard Kingsmill

“It’s like kicking the Grand Final-winning goal with your first ever punt of the football.” – Stack
Given her first guitar for Christmas, self-identified ‘average chick’ Ruby spent hours learning how to play via YouTube videos. When she was 14, she snuck into areas in Cronulla to understand the music and art culture in her neighbourhood in areas outside her age group’s local hangouts. During this time, she featured her visual art in an underage exhibition at local gallery Space 44 and started playing shows around Sydney. When she found substance and relatable qualities in the music she listened to, Ruby found herself gradually writing and creating her own music within that time.
Influenced by artists such as Methyl Ethel, Courtney Barnett, Alex Lahey & Camp Cope, Ruby branches out into her own individuality with her lyrical style and perception into the shows she watches, the people she sees and the community she grew up in. First single ‘I Want’ is about the concept of a Japanese anime tv show with a schoolgirl that tackles day-to-day issues like crushes & school work by day and becomes a warrior princess by night. While managing to learn how to balance the two, she learns to become more than people’s expectations of her and judge her own expectations of herself. Uploaded to triple j Unearthed last Wednesday, the song was posted about across social media platforms by Unearthed within an hour of being uploaded. Within 24 hours, her Unearthed profile had received 30,000 views and half a million impressions on this post and the song had been downloaded 1500 times from her page.